Deep Value Posts Record Trading Volumes in 2012

– Algo developer builds out big data strategy –

Chicago, IL, March 4 – Deep Value, developer of high performance trading algorithms, posted record trading volumes in 2012 through its Broker Dealer entity Deep Value Enclave. The company also significantly increased its development and deployment of big data technology in 2012.

Deep Value achieved its single highest trading day in September 2012, processing 3.7 per cent of US-wide stock market trading volume, doubling its 2011 high of 1.8 per cent. The September high had over 300 million shares and over 12 billion US dollars traded in a single day. Trading 400 billion dollars in 2012, the firm contributed between one-half to 1 per cent of overall daily US stock market volume virtually every day.

Our company-wide commitment to best execution is enabling us to capture increasingly larger shares of trading volumes in the US,” said Harish Devarajan, CEO of Deep Value. “Our success lies in maintaining one of the largest teams in the world dedicated solely to research and development of algorithmic trading in U.S. markets, supported by an equally ambitious big data strategy.

The company’s big data strategy further matured in 2012, augmenting an Amazon EC2 outsourced solution with an in-house cluster comprised of 1,600 cores. Deep Value continued to invest in building out its custom simulation environment, which leverages Hadoop to run massive simulations that make it possible for the company to create fine-grained production improvements. The environment focuses heavily on empowering researchers by providing an easy-to-use development environment, accurate market models and tools to manage and understand outputs from large calculations.

We looked to big data technologies to be able to answer what-if questions on the large data sets we deal with. Applying big data solutions on large data sets creates new big data challenges in how to manage and extract meaning from those outputs. In current work, we are using other software systems from the big data open source ecosystem to analyze automated output data and present what we believe will be insightful summaries,” said Paul Haefele, Managing Director, Technology for Deep Value.

Deep Value has offices in Chicago, Toronto, New York, London, Bangalore and Chennai.

About Deep Value

Deep Value is focused entirely on developing the world’s best trading algorithms. The firm contributes between one half to 1 per cent of overall equity trading volume to US stock markets daily, and represented 3.7 per cent of overall US stock market volume in its 2012 daily high. The company’s world-class technology solution and platform is installed on-site at client locations as well as at co-located datacenters. Clients include prominent hedge funds and other prestigious financial services powerhouses. In addition, Deep Value is the dominant Exchange-sponsored provider of algorithms to all brokers on the Floor of the NYSE. Deep Value has developed its own distributed, fault-tolerant trading platform on top of industry standard open source components. This trading platform can also be run in a cluster based simulation framework allowing Deep Value’s research organization to bring to bear very large clusters of machines to run sophisticated analysis aimed at improving performance. For more information visit: