Growth, expansion and record trading volumes for Deep Value in 2011


Chicago, IL – Deep Value, developer of high performance trading algorithms, added to its headcount, expanded its offering, strengthened its testing environment and logged record trading volumes in 2011 through its Broker Dealer entity Deep Value Enclave.

Deep Value achieved its single highest trading day in December, processing 1.8 per cent of US-wide stock market trading volume. The company’s second highest trading day was in June with more than 1.3 per cent of US-wide stock market trading volume. Deep Value processed more than a third of a trillion dollars in trades in 2011.

2011 also saw the addition of 16 new full-time employees to its development team in Chennai, India. Deep Value now has one of the largest teams in the world dedicated solely to research and development of algorithmic trading in U.S. markets.

Deep Value introduced 7 new algorithmic strategies in 2011, along with new cluster-based simulation technology that allows the company to innovate, fine-tune and test its algorithms to improve algorithmic performance outside production environments. The process involves tick by tick playback of all market data in a simulated, massively parallelized computing environment that uses 300 machines.

“We are fully committed to best execution,” said Harish Devarajan. “To that end, we invest more than 40,000 hours annually in continuous improvement programs to support specific needs of our clients’ order flows.”

Deep Value has offices in New York, Chicago, Toronto and Chennai.


About Deep Value

Deep Value is focused entirely on developing the world’s best trading algorithms. Deep Value is one of only two providers of algorithms to Floor of The New York Stock Exchange. The company’s world-class technology solution and platform is installed both onsite at several client locations as well as at our own datacenters. Clients include the New York Stock Exchange, several prominent hedge funds and a number of other prestigious financial services powerhouses. Deep Value has developed its own sophisticated trading platform on top of industry standard open source components. This system, which is a container-based system is fully distributed, fault-tolerant providing graceful degradation under load and has sophisticated work scheduling frameworks. It is designed with high throughput and low latency as key elements. For more information visit: