Deep Value does long duration investments in the fintech and cryptocurrency ecosystems.

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Between 2005 and 2019 Deep Value specialized in high volume automated trading of US equities, and proprietarily traded cryptocurrencies at a few dozen exchanges around the world.

Over the period, Deep Value traded over 60B shares and over two trillion dollars in the aggregate in US cash equities, and employed ~120 professionals across Chicago, Toronto, New York, Boston, London, Bangalore and Chennai.

At its highs, Deep Value averaged 11% of the overall US equity market in the top 250 NYSE-listed stocks towards the end of each trading day. On its highest volume days the firm traded over 5% of the overall US stock market volume.

Deep Value concluded a sale of its trading business in the summer of 2019 and continues as an investment vehicle with equity holdings and other assets.

The website from Deep Valueโ€™s trading days is archived here.