Best execution is our singular commitment.

Deep Value is focused entirely on developing research-driven trading algorithms.
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Why our solutions are superior

Most algorithmic trading providers offer algos as one of hundreds, sometimes thousands, of products and services across dozens of business units. With so much distraction, how can management of these complex organizations โ€“ even with best intentions โ€“ understand much less focus their energy sufficiently to offer the best products? Learn more โ†’


At its highs, Deep Value has averaged 11% of the overall market in the top 250 NYSE-listed stocks towards the end of each trading day โ€“ a critical time for algo trading. Our systems have routinely managed more than 30,000 orders concurrently, making us trusted guardians of customersโ€™ order flow โ€“ no matter how large. Since 2010, Deep Value has traded 60B shares and over two trillion dollars in the aggregate.


Deep Value uses a proprietary execution management system that allows us to scale trading simply by adding additional commodity boxes. Our trading grid is tolerant to failure of machines and processes. It provides load balancing and the ideal multi-threaded platform for development of sophisticated, event-based trading strategies. Learn more โ†’

Off-the-shelf Machine Learning is Surprisingly Good at Combining Trading Alphas

July 25 2017

You have likely read about how the field of machine learning (ML) is making serious inroads into how Wall Street […]

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