Deep Value 2014 Highlights

Deep Value, a developer of high performance trading algorithms, traded 605B USD in the aggregate in 2014, and hit a daily high of over 400m shares, or 4.4% per cent of that day’s total US-wide stock market trading volume on June 27th.

“It is a priviledge to have the customer trust to trade such volumes,” said Harish Devarajan, CEO. “Firms trading at our scale distinguish themselves on stability, performance and service, and we are glad to see our investments and focus bringing value to customers.”

Deep Value continues to invest in building out its research and technology capabilities. The firm focuses heavily on empowering its researchers and technologists by providing easy-to-use development environments, accurate market models and tools to try out quantitative innovations, and manage outputs from bid data calculations. A key to its success have been its big data simulation infrastructure, which leverages Hadoop to run massive simulations that make it possible for the company to create fine-grained improvements to production performance.

Deep Value has offices in Boston, New York and Chennai.

About Deep Value

Deep Value is focused on developing the world’s best trading algorithms. The firm contributes between one to two percent of overall equity trading volume to US stock markets daily, and represented 4.4% per cent of overall US stock market volume in its 2014 daily high. The company’s world-class technology solution and platform is installed on-site at client locations as well as at co-located datacenters. Clients include prominent hedge funds and other prestigious financial services powerhouses. Deep Value is the dominant Exchange-sponsored provider of algorithms to all brokers on the Floor of the NYSE. Deep Value has developed its own distributed, fault-tolerant trading platform on top of industry standard open source components. This trading platform can also be run in a cluster based simulation framework allowing Deep Value’s research organization to bring to bear large clusters of machines to run sophisticated analysis aimed at improving performance. For more information visit: